I am an Artist and Printmaker from Woodburn Oregon, currently work out of Brooklyn New York. I received my BFA from Parsons School for Design, where I studied Illustration and Printmaking.

My work integrates stereotypical identifiers of the Mexican cuisine to symbolically illustrate the Mexican immigrant experience and the continuous emotional wear of separation, incarceration, and deportation. The use of Mexican ingredients in the work arrived from the irony found in America’s growing acceptance of the food and simultaneous increase in deportations and criminalization of the people and the identity. In certain works, the color pink is used to illustrate the criminalization that occurs day to day. The color pink grabs context from Arizona’s infamous detention center, better known as “Tent City”. Established almost thirty years ago by sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tent City gave inmates pink jumpsuits, socks, underwear, sweaters, and bedding as punishment. 

Through my work I hope to visually deconstruct stereotypical ideas of the Mexican identity by providing a deeper consciousness directly through the culture.